Bot platform

Using Gap APIs, programmers and developers can create diverse robots and connect their targeted bot to Gap


The owners of online stores can setup their business in a few minutes and start selling their products and bots.

Upload and sell stickers

Graphists can create their favorite stickers and publish them in Gap. Stickers can be provided free or Monetary to users.

Intelligent Advertising System

There is a possibility to insert and display a variety of ads in Gap messenger. These ads can be presented as text, image or video. Also In this section, channel owners can earn money from advertising.


In the comprehensive Gap accounting system, all users have access to detailed details of all financial transactions. These details include bills, subscriptions, earnings, expenses, and more.

Bill by Gap

Gap as a full-counter of financial and banking bots has many capabilities. These include paying bills, buying charges, billing, invoicing, and a personal payment gateways for all users.

Exam builder

There is a unique opportunity to setup various tests with desired levels in the Gap. In this section, without the need for programming knowledge and in the shortest possible time, the test will be produced and available to users and enthusiasts.

Game builder

Users and content owners can create attractive competition using the "Game builder" plugin. these games will be Provided for free or Monetary for Gap subscribers.


Do experience a world full of excitement and entertainment with various awards. Online single-player and group games, competitions with monthly awards, leaderboards and introducing the bests

Information, bots, game and entertainment

Gap is a messenger full of useful bots that are available to you. Such as; games, entertainment, and other practical information. Choose your content or topics and enjoy easy access to the information that you need. Have a more fun and unique messaging experience using all of Gap's special features.

chat, group creation and Send Content

Gap messenger provides with a variety of platforms, such as Android, iOS and the web version. This makes it possible for you to have Gap all the times. Chat with your friends in a doubles or group and enjoy high-speed, easy access, and an attractive chat user interface.

Bot platform

Gap messenger provides a modern communication platform for developers to provide their products and content as a simple or interactively content these bots and content can be provided as free or Monetary

Earn money

In Gap messenger, you can easily launch your virtual store and start selling your products and bots. Do not worry about paying for it, because the wallet is always there for you to conveniently use the secure gateways to manage your bots and stores.


With Gap Wallet you can charge your account and make various payments. Shopping in stores, participating in festivals and competitions, the use of special features of the games and hundreds of other possibilities are all in your wallet.

Send and request payment

Use this feature to create a bill and send it to friends and family.